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 Click on the alphabetic links below to find the corresponding daylily images. These daylily pictures were taken by me in my garden.  They have not been altered or enhanced in any way.  The links for the price lists and order form are on the left of the page.
Cliquez sur les liens alphabétiques ci-dessous pour accéder aux images correspondantes. Les liens pour les listes de prix et le formulaire de commande se trouvent à gauche de la page.

Revised 10/15/2023

Pansy Poetry Pansy Poetry Pansy Poetry
Pastel Wonder Pastel Wonder Pastel Wonder
Pattern King Pattern King Pattern King
Pinky Tuscadero Pinky Tuscadero Pinky Tuscadero
Pistachio Showpiece Pistachio Showpiece Pistachio Showpiece
Pleasing Panache Pleasing Panache Pleasing Panache
Power Rings Power Rings Power Rings
Purple Leopard Purple Leopard Purple Leopard
Purple Pirate Purple Pirate Purple Pirate
Queen's Gambit Queen's Gambit Queen's Gambit
Raven's Heart Raven's Heart Raven's Heart
Red Hot Hula Hands Red Hot Hula Hands Red Hot Hula Hands
Red Rageous Red Rageous Red Rageous
Regal Dragon Regal Dragon Regal Dragon
Renegade Royalty Renegade Royalty Renegade Royalty
Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring
Rodeo King Rodeo King Rodeo King
Roy Roy Roy
Ruby Sizzler Ruby Sizzler Ruby Sizzler
Run Run Rudolph Run Run Rudolph Run Run Rudolph

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