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Click on the alphabetic links below to find the corresponding daylily images. These daylily pictures were taken by me in my garden.  They were not altered or enhanced in any way.  The links for the price lists and order form are on the left of the page.
Cliquez sur les liens alphabétiques ci-dessous pour accéder aux images correspondantes. Les liens pour les listes de prix et le formulaire de commande se trouvent à gauche de la page.

Updated September 20, 2015

Generous Spirit Generous Spirit Generous Spirit
Picture Not Available  
Ghost Witch Ghostbuster Ghostbuster
Ginormous Girl's Best Friend Girl's Best Friend
Picture Not Available
Girl's Best Friend Giganotosaurus Glorious Garnet
Glorious GArnet Glorious Garnet Glorious Garnet
Picture Not Available Picture not Available
Golden Warrior Good Luck Grape Sensation
Grape Sensation Grape Sensation Greater Good
Greater Good Greater Good Green Emperor
Green Emperor Green Emperor Green Empress
Green Empress Green Empress Green  Mamba
    Picture Not Available
Green Mamba Green Mamba Green Spark
Green Springs Green Springs Green Springs
Gunmetal Magic Gunmetal Magic Gypsy Jazz
Gypsy Jazz Gypsy Jazz Halloween Vortex
Healing Hands Healing Hands Healing Hands
Hexenbeast Hexenbeast Hexenbeast
High School Cheerleader High School Cheerleader How Far is Heaven
How Far is Heaven How Far is Heaven How Far is Heaven
I See Spots I See Spots I See Spots
Picture Not Available
I See You Look At ME Ice Forged Ice Forged
Ice Forged Indigo Dragon Indigo Dragon
Ink Mage Ink Mage Ink Mage
Insidious Insidious Insidious
It's Miller Time It's Miller Time It's Miller Time
Jacob Henry Jacob Henry Jacob's Smile
Jacob's Smile Jacob's Smile Jane's Pink and Blue
Picture Not Available
Jane's Pink and Blue Jane's Pink and Blue Jewel of Jupiter
John Bassili John Bassili Joseph Hudson Memorial
Joseph Hudson Memorial July Moon July Moon
Just One Bite Just One Bite Just One Bite


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