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I have a few hundred daylily images on this site. Settle in and enjoy some beautiful flowers.  These pictures are not intended to be works of art.  Many times you will see the name tags or other things in the background.  The purpose of these pictures is for you to see what the daylily will look like in your garden.  None of these pictures are touched up or altered in any way.  I will add images during the bloom season.

We aren't set up super commercial here as our main purpose is growing flowers that we like, and making them available for non-growers to enjoy also. In the process many varieties become available for sale and shipment in the USA and other countries around the world.


I ship several orders to Canada, Russia, and many other countires.  We do not ship to the European Union countries, Japan, and Australia because of their stringent requirements regarding the Orders outside the United States should include $75 for a Phyto Certificate. Contact me for the amount of postage required because this amount varies.  We send extra bonus plants on foreign orders because of the phyto and shipping charges our customers have to pay.             

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